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Project Title

Hodala restaurant

Year of Completion


Categories or Disciplines

Poster design, identity

Kind of Project

Visual design

Project Description

In this project, I was asked to find a poorly designed sign and create a visual system based on the existing information. In the beginning, I did a lot of research and looked for handwriting signs. After I selected the sign for Hodala Restaurant, my purpose was to collect the information from the original sign and then design materials that are most suitable for the promotion of this restaurant

Project Concept

Hodala is a restaurant that originally had a handwritten sign that was hard to understand and could not attract people. I collected information from the original sign, and I identified and designed media best suited for the message and audience: posters, websites, and brochures. When I did some research on Hodala restaurant, I found that the specialty of Hodala restaurant is the combination of sake and various drinks, so the posters and brochures I designed use mainly pictures of sake and drinks.

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